League of Women Voters of Tyler/Smith County to hold event for veterans

Published on Tuesday, 22 April 2014 23:09 - Written by Staff Reports


The League of Women Voters of Tyler/Smith County will host a free event on Monday to discuss veteran issues.

The discussion will be followed by a question and answer session with leaders in the local veteran community.

It will be held at 7 p.m. in the Tyler Area Chamber of Commerce’s Genecov Room, 315 N. Broadway Avenue.

The evening will include four speakers discussing a variety of topics for about 10 minutes each with a mix of PowerPoint presentations and handouts, followed by questions, said Lynne Spivey, an active volunteer with the Mayor’s Veteran’s Roundtable and other organizations, who organized the event.

Gretchen Martens, who is affectionately known as “The Veteran Lady,” will speak about military family issues.

U.S. Army Retired Lt. Col. Jim Snow will speak on general legislative issues affecting veterans and the military. Snow is currently the local president of the Military Officers of America Association.

“MOAA are huge lobbyers on behalf of the military, and he is very aware of the legislative issues that are ongoing,” Ms. Spivey said. “He will speak on general legislative issues affecting the military at the national level.”

Lehebron Farr, Tyler VA Clinic Administrator, will discuss Federal VA policies and programs, especially those affecting Tyler-area veterans.

“Any of the programs going on in Tyler and Smith County, he is the administrator for it,” Ms. Spivey said. “The VA has a myriad of programs. He is the spokesperson for not only for the clinic, but for any VA programs that are also here.”

U.S. Air Force Retired Major Marshal Joslin, of the Smith County Veteran Services Office, will discuss federal and state veteran policies and programs.

Joslin is the official conduit (for all the active veteran programs, Ms. Spivey said.

“You can go to his office, which is in an ancillary building behind the courthouse and get official forms of military record.”