Lake feature in works for convention center site

Published on Tuesday, 22 April 2014 21:53 - Written by Kelly Gooch,


A small water feature could be part of a south Tyler development early next year.

The feature is proposed for the city’s hotel and convention center site, near the 80-acre The Village at Cumberland Park development.

Today, the Tyler City Council will consider giving approval for a water rights contract with the Angelina and Neches River Authority to construct the feature.

The city council also will consider a $14,800 contract with Adams Engineering for design related to the project.

The small water feature is estimated to span more than 3 acres and contain more than 14 acre-feet of water.

City Engineer Carter Delleney said it is projected to have a clay lining — about 12 inches thick — that will help prevent seepage.

There has been discussion about a possible fountain for the small water feature to make it more visually appealing, he said. However, nothing has been finalized.

Greg Morgan, managing director of utilities and public works for the city, said a water detention facility, which he described as “basically a pond that collects runoff and slows it down,” is being constructed but has been designed in a way where it won’t have to be torn down when a permanent dam for the lake feature is built.

Instead, the water detention facility will be converted from a facility that meters water out to an impoundment that retains water, he said, and the dam that’s being built for the water detention facility will be expanded and enlarged to become the dam for the feature.

Rick Martindale, project manager with Adams Engineering, said it could take as little few as four months, but more likely will take seven or eight months for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to approve plans of a permit for the dam and the impoundment.

Depending on state approval, there should be a water feature on the site by early 2015, Morgan said.

“This is a priority for us. We’re moving forward as quickly as possible,” he said.