Seen in Tyler: Man steering motorcycle with his feet on Loop 323

Published on Wednesday, 2 April 2014 09:50 - Written by


With the arrival of Spring, the roads are teeming with motorcyclists out enjoying the warmer weather. But officials warn laws must be followed to ensure safety. 

Tyler Police Public Information Officer Don Martin spoke with the Tyler Morning Telegrpah this morning after viewing a photo taken Tuesday of a cyclist riding on Loop 323 using his feet to drive while reclined back on the motorcycle.

"This could definitely fall under the reckless driving statute, because this is not how the bike was designed to be ridden and he could wipeout easily causing a larger accident," he said. "He is showboating."

The person who took the photo told the newspaper she witnessed the cyclist go through multiple intersections while riding the motorcycle this way, including Loop 323 and 155 and Old Jacksonville and Loop 323. 

"I looked over and couldn't believe it. I mean, who does this?" the photographer said. 

The speed limit on the section of roadway is 50 MPH. The woman who took the photo estimated the cyclist was going about the speed limit when the photos were taken.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, 460 cyclists were killed in accidents in 2012. 

Martin said over the next few weeks, more cyclists will be on the road. He said motorists in cars should be aware of cyclists, but added that cyclists need to follow the laws. 

"They need to be mindful of driving habits and not cutting in and out of traffic or doing this (in reference what is shown in the photo)," he said.

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