Zoo's 3 female lion cubs' names chosen by public

Published on Monday, 24 March 2014 22:12 - Written by Staff Reports

The Caldwell Zoo has announced the names of the three female lion cubs.

After soliciting names from the public, the zoo has picked the winners. They are:

Zuri. which means beautiful.

Amira (ah-mir-ah) which means princess.

Malika (ma-lee-ka) which means angel.

“With the warmer weather and the fact that our lion cubs are ready for some adventure, the furry foursome is given the option each day to be outside at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.,” zoo officials said in a news release. “Zoo visitors are welcome to stop by the lion exhibit to see the cubs playing outside or see them in the lion house on the zoo’s television monitor.”

Zookeeper Amanda Massau said a group of keepers made the original list, and everyone agreed on the names that the public had to choose from.

She said the three that were chosen are all nice, and names that people can pronounce, which was the goal.

“We like the ones that were chosen. The public has good taste,” Ms. Massau said.

She said they expected “princess” to win, as people like to call their children that, and also expected “beautiful” to win.

As far as “angel,” she said the name is ironic.

“They’re not really angels. They’re really very mischievous at this point,” she said.