Name dropping: Zoo wants public to vote on names for cubs

Published on Thursday, 13 March 2014 23:44 - Written by Calvin Maynard

 Tyler’s Caldwell Zoo is welcoming four fuzzy little lion cubs into the world, and wants help naming them. Their mother, Njeri (Kenyan for “daughter of a warrior”), gave birth to five cubs on Jan. 22. One died of complications shortly after birth, but one male and three females are happy, healthy, and are doing very well.

The male was named Doc, after the late Dr. Steve Wilson, the zoo’s longtime veterinarian, but the female cubs still are unnamed.

Even without names, the new cubs are having an impact on drawing crowds to the Caldwell Zoo.

To vote, reply on the Caldwell Zoo’s Facebook page, submit a vote by email to, or pick up a ballot at the zoo’s front office at 2203 W. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. in Tyler.

Voting ends March 20, and the names will be announced March 24. Voters should select one name for each of the three female cubs from the following options:


Imara (eh-mar-ah), meaning strong one

Malika (ma-leeka), meaning angel

Zuri, meaning beautiful

Adanna (ah-dan-nah), meaning father’s daughter

Makena (ma-kee-nah), meaning happy one

Zola, meaning quiet, tranquil

Aziza (ah-zee-zah), meaning darling, respected

Damisi (dah-mee-see), meaning happy

Amira (ah-mir-ah), meaning princess

Azima (ah-zee-mah), meaning mighty

Mboga (em-boga), meaning groceries