Women's Center of East Texas needs volunteers

Published on Monday, 10 March 2014 09:35 - Written by From KYTX CBS19

The Women's Center of East Texas in Longview says it is critically low on volunteers who administer services to sexual assault victims and perform other tasks.

One of the center’s newest programs is H.E.A.R.T. (Hospital Emergency Advocacy Response Team). As part of the team, volunteers provide comfort, support and services to survivors of sexual assault.  

Projects director Brooke King said volunteers are valuable. "They are so crucial as far as providing backup and relief to our staff."

There also is a need for volunteers to help with paperwork and other tasks.

King said one of the center’s goals is to make women aware of their services before a crisis happens. 

"You can ask anybody, what are your rights when you are arrested?” she said. “People can start naming them one by one. You ask them, what are your rights if you're a victim of a crime? And, people don't know. And so, that's part of what our job is- to make sure victims truly know what their rights are throughout this process."