Overton's North Lake Dam needs repairs

Published on Tuesday, 25 February 2014 09:20 - Written by

(MCT) -- The Overton City Council has been informed the city’s North Lake Dam needs repairs that could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Lynn P. Hitt, vice president of KSA Engineers of Tyler, said a Texas Commission on Environmental Quality inspection of the dam revealed problems that need to be addressed.

The “severe deficiencies” include a tree growth and a hole 50 feet across behind the dam.

“There's a lot of geo-technical work to do, and it's more of a project than you may imagine,” Hitt pointed out. “If you get into this project, it could mean several hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Town Manager Joe Cantu said that TCEQ rules state that trees 3 inches in diameter could not be cut without permission of the state and that the hole is big enough “to put two buses in.” He said there also was damage caused by beavers.

Cantu was appointed to the job in 2012 said he found warnings from the TCEQ about problems with the dam dating back to 1988.

The council voted to hire KSA to formulate a plan.