Runway reconstruction could begin this summer

Published on Monday, 17 February 2014 23:28 - Written by Kelly Gooch,

Reconstruction of a runway at Tyler Pounds Regional Airport can allow for future growth at the facility, Airport Manager Davis Dickson said.

The project, which could begin as early as this summer, involves reconstructing Runway 4/22. Dickson said he anticipates most of the pavement will be removed and replaced as part of the reconstruction.

Although rehabilitation of the runway will be the main focus of the first year of work, an extension of the runway likely would be done in a later project phase, he said via email.

The total project is expected to take three to five years.

Most of the funding is slated to come from the Federal Aviation Administration, and some half-cent sales tax monies also will be used, Dickson said. 

He said a majority of Runway 4/22 was built in 1940s, and nothing structurally has been done to the runway pavement in about two decades. Since that time, the city has done routine maintenance, he said.

Now, he said, airport staff members want to be proactive in keeping up the runway.

During construction, the goal is to minimize any impact for flyers, Dickson said.

Additionally, he said the airport has three runways, and will work to ensure things are carefully coordinated.