Residents seek adoptive home for stray dog

Published on Monday, 10 February 2014 21:35 - Written by Kelly Gooch,


A stray dog named Brownie has freely wandered the Hollytree neighborhood for years, but some community members now hope to find a foster home or adoptive home for the pooch.

Brownie, also known as “Roamy” or “the Hollytree dog,” is semi-feral and estimated to be about 25 to 30 pounds.

Luci Barrett Mimms volunteers with the SPCA of East Texas and is among those who is seeking a foster home or adoptive home for Brownie, as well as donations to cover the dog’s veterinary care.

Ms. Mimms said she has been aware of Brownie’s situation for months, and her involvement started when she received a call about a dog loose in Hollytree and went out to catch him.

At the time, she said she learned that Brownie, whom she called “very street savvy,” had lived in Hollytree for years.

Ms. Mimms said she heard that the dog was by Chuy’s, and on Saturday, someone reported seeing him around Old Bullard Road.

The next day, someone posted on Facebook that they had seen Brownie at Salon Vintage on Old Bullard Road, she said. Brownie was still believed to be around Salon Vintage as of Monday afternoon.

“The main thing is we want to get him off the street. He needs to get vaccinated,” Ms. Mimms said, adding that someone reported that Brownie was coughing.

“We need to vaccinate him, get him neutered.”

Ms. Mimms said the biggest challenge will be finding a foster family that is patient with Brownie, whom she described as “an escape artist.”

“He’ll have to be in a secure environment. … He will have to be in a crate or on a leash a long time until he realizes he’s safe,” she said.

“It can be done. We just have to find that right person,” she added.

“It seems like everybody in Hollytree knows about this dog,” Ms. Mimms said. “I don’t want him to get sick. I just want him to have a safe, warm home and know what that means.”

Hollytree resident Barbara Renicker, 68, has been feeding Brownie for more than two years and wants the same thing.

She said Brownie is mildly fearful of people but will follow her when she takes her dog for a walk.

“When I take my dog for a walk, Brownie will be following us,” Ms. Renicker said. “He’ll walk with us the whole way.”

She said he will take food but will get back if she pets him. Ms. Renicker said she fears that he’ll get run over or hurt by another dog and hopes somebody will provide a home for him.

Local veterinarian and CEO/-founder of Team Spano Animal Rescue Lacy Spano first saw Brownie near Broadway Square Mall.

She said he didn’t have a collar, and she fed him. She said she later kept track of where the dog was going and continued feeding him, although Brownie wasn’t eager for her to pet him.

“He’s getting used to me leaving food out and not staying,” she said.

Ms. Spano said she has given him flea medicine and tries to encourage him and ease any nerves he has.

She said someone with cats would not be an ideal foster home or adoptive home for Brownie. She said Brownie also should not be in a home with small children.

However, he does seem to do well around other dogs, Ms. Spano said.

Those who are interested in applying to be a foster home for Brownie may contact Ms. Spano at 903-363-5155 or at teamspanoanimalrescue

Ms. Spano said Brownie won’t go to a foster home without being neutered and having a full set of vaccines.

Donations for Brownie’s vet care can be made at