Foster home sought for well-known Hollytree stray dog

Published on Monday, 10 February 2014 11:38 - Written by

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Community members have banded together to find a home for a semi-feral dog.

The pooch, known as Brownie, has spent years in the Hollytree neighborhood, Tyler resident Luci Barrett Mimms said.

Now, Ms. Mimms, along with others, is seeking a foster home for Brownie, as well as donations to cover the dog’s veterinary care.

Ms. Mimms, who volunteers with SPCA of East Texas, said she has been aware of Brownie’s situation for three months.

She said her involvement started when she received a call from an SPCA board member about a dog that was loose in Hollytree, and went out to catch him.

At the time, she said she learned that Brownie, whom she called “very street savvy,” had lived on his own in Hollytree for about five years.

She said she talked to many residents who have fed him.

“It’s interesting because he’s afraid of people but loves other dogs,” she said. “He’ll follow people walking their dogs.”

Then, she said, a woman who fed Brownie each day reached out to her, saying that they hadn’t seen Brownie in awhile.

Then, she said, she heard he was by Chuy’s, and on Saturday, someone reported seeing him around Old Bullard Road.

The next day, someone posted on Facebook that they had seen Brownie at Salon Vintage on Old Bullard Road, and the owner has been supportive of efforts to catch the dog, Ms. Mimms said.

“The main thing is we want to get him off the street. He needs to get vaccinated,” she said, adding that someone reported that Brownie was coughing. “We need to vaccinate him, get him neutered.”

Ms. Mimms said the biggest challenge will be finding a foster home that is patient with Brownie, whom she described as “an escape artist.”

“He’ll have to be in a secure environment … He will have to be in a crate or on a leash a long time until he realizes he’s safe,” she said.

“It can be done. We just have to find that right person,” she added.

She said they will also need help paying for Brownie’s vet bills.

According to Ms. Mimms, Brownie is well-known in the area.

She said people at Grande Hill Estates feed him, as do people in Hollytree. She said she’s also posted about him on Facebook several times, and a lot of runners have seen him.

She said some call him “Roamy” because he wanders.

“It seems like everybody in Hollytree knows about this dog,” Ms. Mimms said. “I don’t want him to get sick. I just want him to have a safe, warm home and know what that means.”

Additionally, she said there is no way of knowing how many litters he is creating.

She said Brownie is believed to be a red heeler mix, while others have guessed he might have some basenji in him.

Right now, she said they need someone who is willing to step up and foster Brownie.

“He’s not vaccinated. He’s not neutered. We need to take care of him. It’s our responsibility,” she said.