East Texas Food Bank in dire need of donations

Published on Thursday, 6 February 2014 23:36 - Written by Rebecca Hoeffner rhoeffner @tylerpaper.com

The East Texas Food Bank is facing a troubling issue: 18 of the 26 counties it serves have a greater need projected through 2016 than there is food available.

The organization hopes to partner with concerned residents to solve the problem.

Part of the organization’s solution is the new “I’m YOUnified Against Hunger” campaign.

“I’m YOUnified Against Hunger is a great way for individuals to get involved in their community,” said Dennis Cullinane, executive director of the East Texas Food Bank, in the written release.

The campaign encourages residents to join with their friends on social media, at their businesses, houses of worship or other groups to create teams, raise awareness, host food drives and raise monetary donations.

The East Texas Food Bank has developed an interactive website, AreYOUnified.org, where those interested can take a look at where their county lies in its level of need and get resources to help plan activities for food drives and volunteering.

The food bank has set a long-term goal of providing 37 million meals a year, a total distribution that would more than double the current distribution of 17.9 million meals.

The 2016 goal is to provide more than 21 million meals to cover half of the meal gap in the 18 counties in critical condition, increasing distribution from the food bank by more than 3 million meals a year.

“No county in East Texas is hunger-free; they are simply stabilized to the point of progression to meet our 2016 goal,” Cullinane said.