Anderson County: County releases name of murdered woman

Published on Friday, 17 January 2014 00:16 - Written by From Staff and KYTX CBS 19 Reports

The victim in an Anderson County killing earlier this week was identified as Lorena Salas Salcedo, of Elkhart, according to an Anderson County news release.

A capital murder warrant was served Wednesday on Victor Aldaba Salcedo, of Jacksonville, with the bond set at $500,000. He is the victim’s ex-husband, Anderson County officials said.

Anderson County Sheriff Greg Taylor said the reason why Salcedo, 43, broke into Mrs. Salecedo’s home Wednesday and assaulted her remains unknown at this time.

Taylor said Salcedo bound his ex-wife and held Mrs. Salcedo against her will before her death.

“We don’t know how long this all lasted, but that is part of the investigation,” he said.

The capital murder warrant also set bond at $500,000 in the case, but Salcedo remains in critical condition in a Tyler hospital after shooting himself in the face in an attempted suicide.

The couple had several teenage children, who were in school when the homicide took place.

Taylor said it was unclear if there were any ongoing disputes over the children.

“That is always a possibility when children are involved, but right now we don’t know exactly what happened to trigger this incident,” he said.

Victor Salcedo is accused of illegally entering his ex-wife’s home, binding her, holding her against her will and then killing her, officials said.

An autopsy was being performed in Tyler, and the Texas Rangers and Anderson County Sheriff’s Office were continuing the investigation.