Campaigns: First finance reports filed for election

Published on Wednesday, 15 January 2014 22:25 - Written by From Staff Reports

Incumbent Smith County Judge Joel Baker outraised his challenger John Furlow by almost $80,000, according to the first campaign finance reports filed with the election office.

Baker, 45, an attorney and two term county judge, raised $84,549 during the reporting period, which ended Wednesday. His campaign spent $43,036 and maintained $43,512, with no reported outstanding debt or loans.

Furlow, 57, a retired Texas National Guard major general and local certified public accountant, raised $4,755.31 and spent $10,124.99 from Sept. 12, 2013 to Jan. 15. He opened a political expenditure account and has been spending personal money. Furlow then reimburses his personal account, his treasurer Nathan Kelley said.

He reported 837.69 maintained in his coffer.

Baker and Furlow will face each other in the March Republican Primary. The primary will decide who will become county judge because Democrat filed for the position.



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Heart of Tyler, social event; East Texas Crisis Center; donation; Bullard Area Chamber of Commerce; Smith County Historical Society; Troup Chamber of Commerce;


Tyler CARE;


Junior League of Tyler;


Historic Tyler, Inc., sponsorship; Moore MST Magnet, gift; Alzheimer’s Alliance of Smith County, sponsorship; Donna Wagner, photography; Tyler Area Chamber of Commerce, dues; Sheryl Penn, fair marketing;


Lindale Chamber of Commerce;


Bethesda Health Clinic, donation; Ducks Unlimited, banquet;


Kiwanis, turkey shoot;


North Tyler Day Nursery for sponsorship; Cancer Foundation for Life, sponsorship; The Arc of Smith County, sponsorship; Discovery Science Place, sponsorship;


Whitehouse Chamber of Commerce, dues;


Laura Zorn, advertising;


Smith County Bar Association, fundraiser/event;


B&H Photo, projector stands;


Tyler Valet Parking Services, valets for event;


Junior League of Tyler;


Impressive Image Works, business cards;


White Photography;


Dustin Becker, music;


East Texas State Fair for booth; Luis Martinez, advertising expense-paint;

$644 Facebook Inc., advertising;


Nick’s Trailer Hitches;


Crist Media Group, web design;


Office Depot, campaign material;


AT&T Mobility, phone;


Wal-Mart, event supplies;

$1,300, banners;


Sam’s Club;


Best Buy, office supplies;


Mundt Music, sound equipment;


Danwal, Inc., signage;


Dowdle Motor Sales, trailer with logo;


Willowbrook Country Club, reception;


Willis Interests, for consulting.



Anthony Bruner, of Mineola; Robert Dear; George Stephenson; Rosalie Howerton; Janet Baber; Donn Rust; Nancy Harvey Blomdahl; John Childs; Suzanne Mitchell; Suzy Smith; Edgar McGee;


Steven Calhoun;


John Harper; Sharon Guthrie;


Mitch Henderson;

$3,000 (in-kind contribution for campaign website)

Joseph Furlow;



Bullard Chamber of Commerce;

$189, campaign material;


Impressive Business Forms, push cards;


Global Mailing Service, address data;

$340, campaign pens;


Office Depot;

$379, campaign name tags;


Tyler Area Chamber of Commerce;

$833, campaign signs;


Designer Graphics, campaign signs.