VIDEO: East Texans line up for their lotto long shot

Published on Tuesday, 17 December 2013 22:03 - Written by KENNETH DEAN

For many in line at D&N Grocery on West Bow Street Tuesday, there were 636 million reasons to wait for their turn to see the clerk.

Each person was patient and each said they have dreams of how they would spend the enormous Mega Million jackpot.

“I’m going to load my car, get on a jet and leave Tyler, Texas. Then I’m going to buy me a private island and I’m going to be gone,” Marcus Robinson said.

In another line, Tyler Police Chief Gary Swindle stood waiting to purchase his chances at the big money.

Swindle said he told his staff if he won he would buy them new cars.

“I’d probably buy an island next to him,” he said pointing gesturing toward Robinson.

The registers were constantly beeping as each patron forked over their dough for a slip of paper holding their chance.

Leon Torres, a clerk at the store, said the lines had been steady.

“The sales have been really hot today. Everyone has come in for something else and are walking out with tickets,” he said.

At 5 p.m. a Texas Lottery email stated the hourly sales of tickets were about $27,908 per minute for a grand total of $1,674,500 for the hour in the state.

Torres said he expected the lines to grow longer after 5 pm. when people got off work.

The jackpot at 5 p.m. was the second largest in U.S. history behind the $656 million purse in March 2012, and if no winner emerges from Tuesday’s drawing the jackpot could soar to near $1 billion.

A woman identifying herself only as Ms. Johnson said she would first tithe to her church, but then she would pay of her home and go from there.

“First of all church number one, my family, invest and pretty much enjoy,” she said.

But Robinson said her dreams were just dreams.

Shouting and waving excitedly, he said, “I’ve got the winning ticket here.”