Genghis Grill: Salvation Army coordinator to participate in challenge

Published on Thursday, 6 February 2014 23:18 - Written by Rebecca Hoeffner

The community and corporate relations coordinator for The Salvation Army Tyler was chosen to participate in a weight-loss challenge sponsored by the Genghis Grill restaurant chain.

Starting Monday, Chantel Millin, 27, will eat one meal a day at the restaurant every day for 60 straight days and include her own workout program as part of the Fourth Annual Genghis Grill Health Kwest. She will be competing with 100 other contestants around the world. Along with the diet and exercise program, there will be daily social media tasks that are allotted a certain amount of points.

At the end of the contest, the contestant that has the most points and largest percentage of body weight lost will be rewarded $10,000.

For Mrs. Millin, the contest is about more than just money. Diabetes and high blood pressure are prominent in her family. She also hopes this journey will inspire others to make better choice concerning their health.

“I know God has an amazing plan for my life and I want to live long enough to complete it,” she said in the news release. “Although there are some things you can’t control in life, one thing that I can control is my health, including exercise and food choices. So, I choose now to take back control. It’s now or never, and I choose now.”

Chantel uses #INON (It’s Now or Never) as the tag on many of her social media posts as a constant reminder of the choice she’s made.

Chantel’s journey will be available for everyone to view on multiple social media platforms including, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Blogger. Everyone’s encouraged to like and follow Chantel as she starts this journey to a healthier lifestyle. Visit chantel.millin.5 or for more information.

The contest ends April 11.