Children serve as attendants in 2017 Texas Rose Festival

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During the Texas Rose Festival, Oct. 19-22, children serve in the rose queen’s court as her attendants.

The festival pays homage to the beauty of the rose and Tyler’s rose-growing heritage. This year’s theme is Celestial Wonders.

Emily Kaye Evans, will reign as rose queen and Caroline McGinley Bertram is the rose duchess. Young women from Tyler families are presented as the ladies-in-waiting.

The attendants are featured in the Queen’s Coronation ceremonies, the Rose Parade and Queen’s Tea. They are from Tyler families.


John Nicholas Boone, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Dale Boone, attends Grace Community School in Tyler.

His mother, Elizabeth Nichols Boone, was a lady-in-waiting and has served as a volunteer at the Queen’s Coronation. His father, Dale Boone, was an Order of the Rose member.

Other family members who have participated in the festival include Emily Nichols, grandmother, Queen’s Ball committee member, backstage volunteer and dresser; Kaitlyn Boone, sister, lady-in-waiting; Melanie Nichols Braughton, aunt, lady-in-waiting, Lynda Nichols Evans, aunt, lady-in-waiting; Blakely Braughton, cousin, lady-in-waiting; Kristin Braughton, cousin, lady-in-waiting; Emily Kaye Evans, cousin, 2017 rose queen; Kevin Braughton, uncle, Strutters president, Order of the Rose; and Bill Evans, uncle, Order of the Rose member.


Alexandra Christine Hampe, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clark C. Hampe Jr., of Tyler, attends All Saints Episcopal School.

Her father, Clark C. Hampe Jr., was as an escort, and is a Strutter and Order of the Rose member.

Other family members who have volunteered in the festival include Patricia Hampe, grandmother, Escort Committee chair, Ladies Luncheon Committee member, Decorations Committee member, Queen’s Tea Committee member, and writer of the coronation script for the 1993 “Symphony of Roses”; Dr. Clark C. Hampe, grandfather, coronation usher; andSaskia Rothrock Hampe, aunt, lady-in-waiting.


Winifred “Winnie” Kate Harbold, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Corey Thomas Harbold of Noonday, attends All Saints Episcopal School Tyler.

Her mother, Mary Elizabeth Danielson Harbold, was a lady-in-waiting and has served as a volunteer in the festival. Her father, Corey Thomas, has served as a Rose Festival parade volunteer.

Other family members who have participated in the festival include David Danielson, uncle, escort.


Hampton Malone Hughey, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Robert Hughey III, attends All Saints Episcopal School.

Her mother, Dana Hughey, has served for several years and continues to be the Queens’s Coronation narrator, Rose Parade emcee and has volunteered on the Rose Festival Kickoff Party Committee. Her father, Trey Hughey, was an escort, serves as head Wrangler and is a member of the Order of the Rose.

Other family members who have participated in the festival include Janet Hughey, grandmother, who has volunteered as Wardrobe Properties Committee co-chair, Kickoff Party host and committee member, After-Parade Party host, and on committees presenting the Rose Show, Queen’s Tea and Ladies’ Luncheon; Bill Hughey, grandfather, Order of the Rose member; Heather Hughey Pickett, aunt, lady-in-waiting, Kickoff Party chair, Order of Appearance Committee chair; Hillary Hughey Wagner, aunt, lady-in-waiting; Holland Hughey, aunt, lady-in-waiting; John Pickett, uncle, escort; Erica Hallmark, cousin, lady-in-waiting; and Will Hallmark, cousin, escort. 


Emma Shea Malone, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Shea Malone, attends Grace Community School.

Her mother, Anna Clyde Malone, was the 1996 Rose Queen and has served as a parade liaison.

Other family members who have participated in the festival include Leigh Agnew Clyde, aunt, lady-in-waiting, parade liaison; Lauren Ferrell Clyde, cousin, trainbearer to the queen, lady-in-waiting; Abigail Slade Clyde, cousin, attendant to the queen; John Kittrell Clyde, uncle, attendant to the queen, escort; Calvin Nelson Clyde IV, uncle, escort; Patsy Kittrell Clyde, great-grandmother, duchess; Calvin Nelson Clyde Jr., great grandfather, escort; Claire Ann Malone, sister, attendant to the queen; Rachel Vanderpool Clyde, cousin, 2013 rose queen; Sarah Elizabeth Clyde, cousin, 2008 rose queen, attendant to the queen; Calvin Nelson Clyde V, cousin, scepter bearer, escort; and James Michael Clyde, cousin, scepter bearer.

Also: Eloise Clyde Chandler, great aunt, 1974 queen; Mimi Chandler Miles, cousin, duchess; Caroline Wells Chandler, cousin, duchess; Patsy Chandler Martin, cousin, duchess; Carole Clyde Wilson, great-aunt, princess; Carrie Ehmann Clark, cousin, lady-in-waiting, attendant to the queen; Pam Ferrell Shillinglaw, great aunt, lady-in-waiting; Oran Luther Ferrell, great uncle, queen’s escort; Caroline Ferrell Wall, cousin, lady-in-waiting; Corbin Watson Ferrell, cousin, escort; Patrick Ferrell Buckley, cousin, escort; Aaron Freeman Paul, cousin, escort; Taylor Paul Harper, cousin, lady-in-waiting; Katherine Clyde Ramsey, cousin, 1967 rose queen; Lora Beth Clyde Arnold, cousin, 1988 rose queen.


Nixon Kate Richards, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jason Richards, of Tyler, attends All Saints Episcopal School.

Her mother, Nicole Richards, has served as wardrobe co-chair as well as chaperone coordinator and Ladies Luncheon volunteer. Her father, Jason Richards, is a Wrangler. Her parents have also served as Kickoff Party hosts.


Jackson David Willis, son of Patrick David Willis and Dr. Sherilyn Ann Willis, of Tyler, attends All Saints Episcopal School.

Family members involved with the Texas Rose Festival include his father, Patrick Willis, who escorted Margaret Lea Long in 1993 and served as an escort in 1994 to Mari Alan Ferguson, granddaughter of former Texas Gov. Alan Shivers. His father is a member of the Order of the Rose, the Queen’s Ball Usher Committee chair, the Thursday Celebration Luncheon co-chair, the Winter Gala chairman for 2017 and 2018, associate director, Texas Rose Festival and a member of the Tyler Rose Museum board of directors. His firm has been a corporate sponsor since 2007.

Other family members who have been involved in the festival include Vivian Burnett-Engeron Willis, attendant to Queen Morgan Rippy in the 2011 festival and a Queen’s Tea junior hostess.