Couple’s love of organic farming leads to business venture catering to those who crave the freshest produce possible

Published on Monday, 18 September 2017 11:14 - Written by ELSA CAVAZOS, Lifestyles Magazine  

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Since the beginning of their relationship, Jessica and Justin Bullock have enjoyed a life that embodies a common love of nature and sustainable agriculture. As a young couple, they began growing organic, chemical-free vegetables in 2007, and six years later opened Red Moon Farm on 38 acres in Van.

“The vast majority of our work is (growing) organic produce,” Jessica said. “We have chickens, as well, but our focus is the vegetables. Everything we use for our produce is approved (nonchemical) substances, but mostly we rely on healthy soil.”

The Bullocks sell some of their produce each Saturday morning at the Rose City Farmers Market in the parking of Juls restaurant in Tyler. However, their main focus is growing healthy food for dozens of families participating in their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) membership service.

Their CSA members commit to buying produce each week from the Bullocks, who grow and deliver it to host families in different cities. These families serve as the pick-up points for the members.

The 100 families who participate in their CSA each week receive a box full of freshly harvested organic zucchini, yellow squash, bell peppers, beets, green beans and other selections.

The Bullocks said it typically takes them six hours to get all the boxes assembled and packed and about a full day of making the deliveries to the pick-up sites located throughout the region.

Twice a year, the Bullocks also host a dinner at which they serve guests carefully crafted meals featuring food grown at the farm and beef from cattle raised by their partners, Twin Pines Beef.

“We get creative with these farm-to-table events,” Jessica said. “We bring live music and create menus that will be different but exquisite at the same time. We are always proud to show off our vegetables and what can be made from them.”

At a recent dinner, they served pork-belly-wrapped meatloaf sitting on a sweet potato puree and a lemon and beet ice cream churned at the farm.

The Bullocks are driven by love and devotion to Mother Nature, and because they enjoy it so much do not see what they do as a job.

“Justin and I never saw ourselves in a cubicle job with fluorescent lights looking down on us,” Jessica said. “We like to be outside and if we can do that while also helping the community at the same time, then we are happy to do it.”

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