The Wonder Drug

Published on Saturday, 18 October 2014 22:51 - Written by BY Nelson Clyde,

A lot of physicians have shared their feelings on a topic recently that has caught my interest.

At the Alzheimer’s alliance luncheon recently, Dr. Paul David Nussbaum shared his thoughts on incorporating exercise, meditation and Yoga into the program at his institute as a means of keeping the mind strong and healthy. He went on to advocate religion as a means of making the matter a portrait of comprehensive benefits. His book, “Save Your Brain,” encourages readers to increase their “mental fitness.”

Then at a gathering at my home involving the Samaritan Counseling Center and the Cancer Foundation for Life, CFFL founder Dr. Gary Kimmel was extolling the virtues of exercise as The Wonder Drug.

At our company, we have seen many dedicated individuals take on health and fitness journeys that have been life changing. The recent Tyler Rose half marathon attracted two of our staff members who had never run a race of that length. They are regular runners now, and their clothes literally hang off their frames.

Without mentioning any names, one of the new fitness enthusiasts is a former smoker. His enthusiasm for the accomplishment was contagious and refreshing.

People all over our community are experiencing life-changing moments through positive lifestyle changes.

My journey has been similar. A five-day-per-week regimen of cardiovascular and strength training has brought my weight from an all-time high in January 2011 of about 300 pounds to a low of about 242.

This May, I added Yoga to my routine. I haven’t altered my religion, but I sure have learned to breathe better, and I’m hitting the golf ball as far as I did in my 20s from time to time. Come to think of it, hitting a 330-yard drive can feel a bit like a religious experience.

Not only do I feel better but my endurance, focus and rest are better. A journey of mind, body and spirit can and should be connected.

The physicians have been and will be saying these things forever, as well they should. Unfortunately, we tend to tune out what we know is coming. Until there is a pill to address the quality of a life balanced in mind, body and spirit, exercise seems to be emerging as The Wonder Drug.

We have to keep talking about this in spite of Gloria Saleh’s registered complaint of not wanting to hear anything else in this column about my diet. Her objection has not produced any stuffed grape leaves or Kibbeh in my world (methinks the lady doth protest too much). It sure makes me miss my old friend Mollie.

The really good news is if you want to take a walk with a friend in our beautiful fall weather, you won’t even have to cough up a $15 copay.