Is It Just Me?: Leadership Tyler bringing author of ‘The Servant, ’Hunter,' to speak

Published on Saturday, 30 August 2014 22:30 - Written by Nelson Clyde,

Something special is going to happen in Tyler on Sept. 9. Leadership Tyler has decided to bring James Hunter, author of The Servant to its annual luncheon. This year’s event is called Leadership Live and will feature two events involving Hunter. A morning event from 8:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. will involve a leadership seminar based on the principles in the book followed by a luncheon where Hunter will serve as the keynote speaker.

It is my understanding from the folks at Leadership Tyler they wish to turn this event into an ongoing dialogue in this community around leadership. It could not happen at a better time. Our community is thriving in ways that should be the envy of any other city in the country.

The sheer volume of new business and public/private ventures popping up, seemingly everywhere, makes our need for leadership more vital and necessary than ever. Most people just don’t get it when we tell them we have a debt-free city with a triple A bond rating.

And while the growth is off the charts right now in places such as Midland and Odessa there will be an end to their madness just like every other time, and when the decline hits, it will be as painful on the down-slide as it feels joyful right now.

Our growth cycles are more moderate and thus more manageable. Like I said, we’ve got it pretty good.

Back to the Leadership Tyler event. If you are on the fence about whether you should go, check out what some community leaders are saying about the book:

“The Servant is a transformational book for those in leadership positions. James C. Hunter inspires readers to move their leadership level from good to great. Becoming a servant leader is empowering and helps one to realize the full value of the people in an organization. When relationships are handled the right way, there is mutual respect, and unbelievable achievements can be realized. I encourage anyone striving to enhance their leadership skills to attend. Practicing, living and enabling the principles of leadership taught in this book will truly enable you to become the leader you want to be.”

Rick Rayford, president & CEO of Brookshire Grocery Company:

As I read “The Servant” by James Hunter, I was reminded that when we volunteer our time and efforts for a worthy cause, we grow as a person. In the process of giving, the relationships and friendships we develop along the way are as important and meaningful as the projects accomplished. If we live to serve, the answer will become ‘well done, thy good and faithful servant’.

Barbara R. Bass, CPA

Former Tyler Mayor

Partner, Gollob Morgan Peddy PC


“Holding positions of power or managing people does not make a leader and, in the end, will bring only short-lived success. As Hunter’s book illustrates, a truly successful leader is one who leads by example and invests in those around him. The Servant is a poignant reminder of the true value and impact of servant leadership in our everyday lives – both personally and professionally. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear first-hand what “servant leadership” is about and how a life of servant leadership can impact your life.”

Shannon Dacus

The Dacus Firm


“The Servant” affirmed for me the importance of leading people by first serving them. James C. Hunter weaves a simple story into a powerful approach for quality leadership rooted in building relationships centered on love, service and sacrifice. If you want your business, as well as your home life, to be based on respect, responsibility and caring for others, “The Servant” can take you where you want to be.

Michael Lujan

Founder, Mentoring Minds


If you are not convinced after reading what those folks have to say then you probably should go fishing on the ninth. For those of you who feel like you might be hooked, call and reserve your spot today at or call 903-535-9242.

We will get back to our conversation about cheeseburgers next week.