Is It Just Me? With regards to Dr. Gross...

Published on Saturday, 23 August 2014 22:29 - Written by Nelson Clyde

Last week Flavor Editor Christine Gardner quoted me as saying something to the effect that the biscuits in heaven would surely be served with fig preserves. The recipe would be one including a neat slice of lemon rind.

Our discussion rambled to Helen Corbett and chicken salad, and for my part the conversation was concluded with me leaving hungry.

My first burger of 2014 was on the patio at FRESH by Brookshire’s recently. It was delicious. Among other features, it included a fried egg over easy. It was totally worth it.

The problem with burgers and pizza for that matter is once you reintroduce them to your taste buds it is like getting on crack — food crack that is.

One local physician, Dr. Gary Gross, is alleged to only eat one burger per year. Such restraint benefits a physician, although you might think it would be one of the heart guys leading such a charge of epicurean martyrdom.

It made me wonder that day at FRESH in July where he goes to get that one burger. If I had to choose the when and where, it would be really tough to say whether the burger would be one prepared by me in my own home or someplace I could really count on to get it right.

One of the greatest burgers in my memory was the day Bubba Watson won his first Masters tournament. I was in Houston with Sarah after she suffered a broken arm during a business trip to China. On my way home, I decided to stop at the Palm restaurant on Westheimer for a burger.

It was Easter Sunday. Everything about the burger was worth it. The meat was high quality, the bun was toasted to perfection, the veggies were crisp and cool. Equally important was the fries were hot and crisp. It was so good, it could have lasted a guy like Gross at least two years.

Lately, my burger habit has included checking out some new places. What About Kabob’s has a very good standard burger, and then they up the ante with one topped with that lamb gyro meat and some Tzatziki sauce. Their fries are good when they are crispy.

Reggie’s is another new place almost across Loop 323 with very good fries. The burgers are good as well. Then you should put Mooyah in the mix if you want to compare and contrast.

If you think about it, a guy like Gross could spend four years searching for this kind of data and find some disappointments along the way, unless he has a really great team of reliable proxies.

If you only were to eat one burger with a side of fries per year where would it be?

Send us your favorites to or by mail to the Gary Gross burger research team c/o Tyler Morning Telegraph, 410 W. Erwin St., Tyler, Texas 75702.

If possible, we may recruit the good doctor to determine whether any entries merit a coupon for a burger at a fine local establishment.