Is It Just Me? How much is too much?

Published on Saturday, 26 July 2014 22:41 - Written by Nelson Clyde

So how much for the pickles? I asked the guy at the farmers’ market.


Did you make them?

Well, this 75-year old lady showed me.

Now some credibility was entering the equation. Not that a guy can’t be a good cook, but he didn’t have the makings of a good cook. You know the stereotype, portly, “chefly” if you please.

The sign that reads never trust a skinny cook should be regarded as filled with wisdom. But in today’s world of celebrity chefs, too many of the made-for-TV chefs look more like personal trainers than personal chefs.

The whole pickle matter struck a nerve with me. It made me wonder how much a jar of pickles is at the store. Frankly, if I were on one of those game shows where you had to guess how much an item would sell for, such as a dozen eggs, a gallon of milk or a jar of pickles, I would be in trouble.

If pickles, eggs or milk tickle my fancy, I throw them in the cart. In fact, at the grocery store, I can’t think of a time something has gone back on the shelf over price. This should delight my friend Rick Rayford.

It also made me wonder if my kids know the answers to such questions. The girls probably pay the most attention to such detail, but Cal is quick to pull a generic brand off the shelf to save a buck. Jamie is a hound about gas prices, as is Cal.

When it comes to other things, my restraint is more complete. I will wear a hole in both shoes before re-soling or re-shoeing.

The slices of the bread and butter pickles were big enough to make the cost easy enough to calculate per piece. But at the end of the day, if they taste as good as they look, I won’t bother to do the math.

The other delicacies at the farmers’ market were the tomatoes. I’m already feeling a little bit of a panic attack approaching with the end of the good summer tomato crop coming to a conclusion. In our family, there is a seasoning we use on tomatoes which probably started as a salt substitute called Spike.

Spike may be to a fresh slice of tomato what a slice of jalapeno is to a cheese nacho. Try it if you haven’t and don’t worry about the price. I promise it will be worth it.