Is It Just Me? DAD - Delta Alpha Delta

Published on Saturday, 14 June 2014 22:57 - Written by Nelson Clyde

The picture in my mind’s eye was clear. I would grow up, go to college, get married and have a family.

Who says three of four is so bad?

It seemed to be the way of things. In today’s world, it seems many young people don’t have much on their mind when it comes to the last two on the list. Now that we have three children in their 20s, watching their pictures develop seems worlds apart.

If you’ve been with me for a while, it should be clear my greatest joy comes from my family. This year has particularly brought many joyous times with each member of my family.

One of the fun ones was with my daughter Rachel. Her sorority had made a mess of the traditional dads’ weekend, scheduling on either the weekend of the Master’s or the Final Four. But as it worked out, she ended up going to visit a friend during the scheduled festivities, which bailed all of us out.

But we agreed it was important to have Dad weekend if Dad’s weekend did not work out. So we hatched a plan for me to spend a weekend in Austin. As the weekend drew near, my inquiries increased about what we would do. Should we try the pizza place everyone is raving about?

Every time the subject came up, Rachel did not want to over-plan, which turned out to be sheer genius. So by the Friday I was on the way, she decided on a place for dinner and a few friends joined us. They were so exhausted from a social event the night before they could hardly wait to finish dinner and turn in for the evening.

When the friends left, Rachel and I decided to go to a movie. We worked out the details on her iPhone on the way. It was the one about Noah and the ark. We went to one of those cool movie theaters with La-Z-Boy-type chairs.

We slept late the next morning and decided to go to Walton’s Deli for a light lunch and then off to Town Lake for a walk. It was a beautiful day. Everyone else in Austin had the same idea. On one of the bridges where a “No Jumping” sign was posted teenage boys were gleefully jumping in while onlookers applauded from the water and the bridge.

After a four-mile walk we grabbed a coffee at Starbucks and decided a manicure and pedicure was the appropriate next move. We found a place pretty close and got right in without a wait.

We had no plan for dinner but decided we would cook a meal at the apartment. We made a list and went to Whole Foods downtown. For me a trip to that Whole Foods is akin to taking a 4-year-old to Disneyland. We got everything we needed for a great dinner. Beef tenderloin, scallops, salad, porcini mushroom ravioli, artisan cheeses and crackers. The whole bit.

Rachel invited some friends to join us, and we had a great meal. There was a good bit of talk about whether such an event should become an annual occasion. There was talk of caps, cozies and T-shirts. There was even the suggestion of a name for the event, Delta Alpha Delta (D.A.D.).

We waxed on. The thought of D.A.D. becoming chartered with bylaws and articles reminded me it was probably the only club I ever really cared to be a member of.

That Saturday was perhaps the most perfect day I have ever spent with Rachel. I’ve been meaning to write her and tell her how much I enjoyed it. Today felt like a good day to mark it off the list.

To all of my children today, thanks for all the perfect days we have shared together and the ones I hope to spend with you yet. And thanks for getting me in the club.