Is It Just Me? The games you play

Published on Saturday, 15 March 2014 22:51 - Written by Nelson Clyde

Last week we spoke of the games we play involving time, how we set our clocks, snooze buttons and being on time.

Several of you responded and the responses are listed here from some of my longtime readers:

About three years ago, a friend invited several others to meet at her house for the purpose of learning and playing games. We usually have four to eight ladies, with only one of us younger than 60. We have played chicken foot, joker, Scrabble, Up-words, Uno, dominoes, etc., with our newest favorite being Rummikub. Some weeks I feel a little guilty “wasting” this four-hour afternoon just “playing games” — So, I play one of your sly side games with myself.

I always have a baby blanket to a stage that needs pinning and/or gathering the ruffle to its edge. So I have this on my lap and work on it between my turns to play! Isn’t that just clever, JUSTIFYING my leisure by getting a warm, soft blanket closer to being finished and ready for its new owner? It has really bumped up my blanket output, and I dearly love the fellowship AND the competition with my friends. So that’s my game in a nutshell.





Hi Nelson,

When I read your column Sunday, I kept thinking we were on the same page on several of your points you were making. The weight ... I have been trying to lose seven pounds for about a year. I will tell you this because it helps me. Only weigh about 45 minutes after you get up in the morning. Never, and I mean never, in the afternoon.

I also do the same and eat a little extra if the morning number is great. But in the next couple of days, I get bad news again. Just don’t understand.

I always have set the clocks about 10 minutes ahead, which helps me because I do tend to run a little late and have to really rush to arrive on time. On the other hand, Michael wants to be at least 30 minutes early and does not like it when I set the clocks ahead. So what does he do? He goes out and buys two wall clocks that keep the correct time and you don’t have to set it.

There is nowhere on them you can adjust the time … trust me I have examined it. I don’t know what they are called but it keeps accurate time, and I hate them, so I always look at the clock on the stove and microwave that I can control.

I only use the snooze button once in a while. I am usually an early riser, but I will use it from time to time.

OK. The yellow light in my SUV really hit home. I just wish it would speak and say, “Get gas now, and I am not kidding.” I am one of those who will keep hitting the button to see how far I can still drive. I don’t know what it is about getting gas. Again on the other hand, if Michael drives my truck he thinks if it’s on a 1/4 tank I am out of gas, so off he goes to the service station and will fill it up before he goes where he is going. Hmm, sounds like a plan … lol.

Now this is the real reason I wanted to respond to the games people play. My grand dog, (that we inherited) hates to go outside when it is cold or raining. So instead of picking her up and putting her on the grass, meaning I have to go out in the cold and rain, I lead her to the door with a hotdog (she loves them).

She thinks I am putting it outside so she goes out the door and does her business after sniffing and can’t find the hotdog. When she comes back in, guess what’s in her bowl? Works every time. I will say this, she is a bit overweight, but she does not seem to mind.

Enjoyed your article, and I again saw myself in several situations.