Is It Just Me? The game of politics

Published on Saturday, 1 March 2014 21:58 - Written by Nelson Clyde

Let the games conclude. Please. And Quickly.

Is it just me? Or do you run into people who drag you down? It’s funny how some people have the ability to drag you down, some without even knowing it. We should avoid those people whenever possible.

In fact, to put it differently, a seminar encouraged me once to build on islands of health and strength.

It was a curious week filled with both of those buzz-killing moments to serendipitously rendezvous with readers of this column who built me up in ways they had no idea I needed. Thanks to them for that.

It appears as if Tuesday we will finally get a break from the nauseating political season, except for a couple of races with runoffs. In conservative (East) Texas where Republican primaries are winner-take-all contests, it has basically come down to the Tea Partiers versus the moderates.

What is tragic is many of these races have pitted members of the same churches against each other. Sometimes it seems candidates are portrayed as more “Christian” than their opponents. How sad. Politics is not a holy war.

It has made me wonder if the purest of the Christians would just build a fence around themselves, so those who do not meet their standards can be spared from wondering if they will punch a ticket to the same heaven. One friend says Christians are one of the only religious groups who shoot their wounded. Never is that more evident than in politics.

It almost makes you wish for one of those classic political battles between a Republican and a Democrat. We will have many of those in the years to come. They are really quite entertaining. This conservative on ultra-conservative stuff is child’s play compared to the good old days. The ads were a lot more original and many times, witty.

Polls also have brought politics to a low. If one more local yokel candidate says he or she’s gonna stand up to Obama, I may throw up. For all the empty rhetoric out there that panders to polls, we could use some people to just do the jobs for which they signed up for. Nothing more. Nothing less.

One friend commented recently that he thought when it came to having a sense of humor, Democrats were in the lead, while Republicans, in his estimation, had the better whiskey.

In these heady days of an almost fully “wet” town, it’s hard to really know but should be easy enough to look across the checkout line and at least get a glimpse of whether the bottles are over or under, say $20 each.

Thankfully, when the dust settles, we can go back to wondering about such mundane things as the weather, what’s for dinner and which book to read. In the meantime, I feel certain God remains in His Heaven comfortable in the knowledge all His children love Him regardless of whether they voted in the Republican or Democratic primary.

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