Is It Just Me? Calendar Challenges

Published on Saturday, 1 February 2014 20:44 - Written by By Nelson Clyde

Is it just me or did January slip away from us a little too quickly?

It has felt to me as if it’s about time for Christmas and New Year’s. Maybe my body and mind need a good rewinding to get in sync with the pace of time.

The other day I ran into a friend, and we discussed how January had zoomed past us when I announced that before either of us would know Christmas would arrive. That drew a look of disdain from her as if I had just uttered something most inappropriate. I knew it would because no matter what time of year, many women tingle in panic when discussing Christmas. It was like a cold north wind had whipped through the room.

Speaking of holidays, after the calendar people screwed up Thanksgiving last year by putting it on the 28th it looks as though they have added to our woes with this year’s schedule. I’m not even sure who the calendar people are. But, if I were a retailer and had a bad Christmas season last year I would have blamed it on the late Thanksgiving.

Back to the future. I checked to see when Easter fell on this year’s calendar, and they managed to push it all the way to April 20. That is entirely too tardy for Easter — in my opinion. The only upside in the deal for those who observe lent is they will have until March 5 to enjoy what they will give up for the observance.

To add insult to injury, it appears as if the time change will happen on March 9. This means we are down to enjoying the right time from early November through early March, four measly months.

Spring brings us the best of what sports have to offer in the form of the Final Four, the Masters golf tournament, and of course, Major League Baseball’s brand new season when everyone believes they’ve got what it takes.

Last year, my daughter Rachel joined a sorority, which managed to schedule dad’s weekend on the weekend of the Final Four. You would have to believe such a thing could not have been an accident. Talk about sticking it to the man. I told her it was pushing the limits of fatherly love. She just smiled, patted me and ignored me just like her mother does. It was eerie.

My older daughter Sarah was in a different sorority. They never had such issues in their scheduling. This probably puts them in the lead in my book for the time being.

Speaking of the dysfunction in my personal clock, it is time for a theme for 2014. For me I have landed on Move it! It is a blend of a variety of issues both behind me and in front. It touches exercise, work, worship and play. Several of you have joined me in my themes and schemes throughout the years and have shared how they have impacted you. If you care to join me, I would love to hear how it plays a role in your life and experiences.

Sorry it took me until February to get it done, and I would love to stay and visit more about it, but there is much to do, and if we’re not careful we’re gonna blink and February will be gone.