Is It Just Me?: Conspiracy alert

Published on Saturday, 25 January 2014 21:57 - Written by By Nelson Clyde,

We were having a conversation at the gym the other day about those clich←s you frequently hear.

You know the ones, “What your doctor hopes you never find out; What big Pharma doesn’t want you to know; or one of my favorites, “What you’ll never read in mainstream media.”

Even one of my recent emails contained another alarming message that read “FEMA Storing 400,000+ PLASTIC COFFINS near Atlanta?”

How could the mainstream media have ignored something so dramatic? Well, since the first time I saw one of those about 15 years ago it seems the deep dark secret either remains alive or is a load of bull.

There was another one about the government having ordered guillotines as tools to perform executions of citizens. Why use guillotines in a post-modern society I once asked a conspiracy-loving friend? His explanation escapes me even now, but it may have had to do with being cheaper and quieter than using bullets. Or maybe it was the anti-gun people sticking to their principles.

The problem with conspiracy-lovers is sometimes they don’t care to be troubled with the facts.

It reminds me of one of my favorite scenes in Mary Poppins when George Banks is in the middle of a tirade to his wife when he bangs his hands down on the keys of the piano and shouts, “and furthermore this piano is out of tune!”

To which his wife meekly replied, “But George, you don’t play.”

Exasperated, the disaffected Banks went on to reply, “Madame! Kindly do not cloud the issue with details!”

If you ever read in this newspaper the government is up to such antics you can be assured it will be true. We will even go to the stupendous lengths of having multiple sources verify such things credibly and even include photos. It will likely be done under the greatest of peril and our very lives and those of our family members will probably be risked to provide you such information.

In the meantime, those who wish to devour such garbage on the great World Wide Web can waste their precious hours on this earth to their hearts desire. That is what is great about a free society. People are free to live in ignorance as long as they wish.

The fact the Web has increased the quantity but not the quality of our information seems to be of little concern to many people these days. Critical thinking is not out the window, it blasted right through the roof.

My hope is that for those of you left who are critical thinkers that you would challenge everything you read including every word in this newspaper. It is the right way to make sure we are all accountable for the things we say and write.

On a separate topic, how about a conspiracy to get ourselves more fit? Two great quotes came my way this week from some of the fittest people in our fit city.

They are both relevant and timeless even though one is 141 years old. They are listed here:

“Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.” Edward Stanley, Earl of Derby (1826-93), British statesman. The Conduct of Life, address at Liverpool College, 20 Dec 1873.

“Exercise may not increase my vital capacity but it will increase my capacity for everything that is vital.” The quote is attributed to George Sheehan, MD The Running Doctor, however I was unable to verify it in my research.