Is It Just Me? Is next year my lucky year?

Published on Saturday, 28 December 2013 22:20 - Written by By Nelson Clyde

People frequently tell me they never know what I am going to say in this column from one week to the next.

Neither do I.

Hopefully it will keep things interesting for the both of us.

Today has felt like one of those lucky days. People also have told me for a long time I am really lucky. It is probably true.

For instance, this morning I stopped by Chick-fil-A to grab some breakfast for the kids. The order was three chicken, egg and cheese biscuits. When I got to the window I was informed I was the 100th customer, and my breakfast would be free. Lucky me.

It wasn’t the first time that happened to me either.

It brought about all kinds of reactions. Should I feel right about it? Should I give the 10 bucks it was worth to Shine Your Light in honor of Ed King (the owner of Chick-fil-A’s two Tyler locations outside the mall)? Or should I just chalk it up to my good luck and feel great about it.

This is when my wife tells me I overanalyze things. She is probably right.

One of the funniest things my grandfather ever said was after we had a misunderstanding. I went back into his office after about an hour and suggested there had been a misunderstanding, but that I thought I had figured out why.

His response was to be even more exasperated than the first time, and he then told me he just couldn’t handle “the constant over-analyzation of human situations!”

It was one of his most classic utterances and is repeated from time-to-time in the life of my family with a smile when things approach the micro-analysis spectrum.

After my breakfast caper, the cleaners found a pair of pants missing for the past few days. The day is shaping up quite beautifully.

It could be one of those days to drive to Shreveport and grab an Oyster Po Boy at Herby K’s, a slice of pie at Strawn’s and go see what kind of luck could be extended at the casino. Then again, a pedicure and a nap sounds like a pretty lucky day to me.

Back to analyzing things. With the New Year upon us on a Wednesday, it just seems untenable to try for any resolutions to start on a Thursday. My plan is that anything resembling resolve should begin on Jan. 6. Although I think Monday is a pretty bad day to start things as well so if it shifts to Tuesday. The 7th that would be both reasonable and plausible. If you feel you need permission to do the same please consider it granted or just grant it to yourself, whichever makes you feel most comfortable.

It’s already feeling like next year could be a year full of lucky days.

The lists are flying around in my head:

Weight loss and fitness goals.

How many books I need to read (and write) next year.

Letters I need to write to people I didn’t get finished last year.

Places I would like to go (and with whom).

A theme for the year.

Well there I go again. Too much analyzation of my human situation for a Saturday.

See you next year.