Plants have ways to deal with nature's onslaught

Published on Wednesday, 5 February 2014 23:40 - Written by Dee Bishop, In Our Garden

Just in case you planted ornamental kale or cabbage and it looks like the ones in this week’s photo, don’t despair.

Plants suffer in really cold weather, too, and curl their leaves to keep warm. These plants in our garden look sickly right now, after a severe cold night, but look again when the sun begins to shine and the temperature climbs. They will look altogether different.

Plants have ways to cope with severe and inclement climates just as animals and people do. Animals sometimes hibernate for days, weeks or months at a time, which keeps them from having to eat when food is non-existent. Plants also go dormant (sort of like hibernation) for days or longer.

In our mild climate they often just curl their leaves and shrink down into the mulch, looking “done in,” only to pop up splendidly when the cold snap ends.

Go out and look at your shrubs, azaleas, camellias, etc., and you will see their leaves curled on very cold mornings, too.

Isn’t nature wonderful?