Acorus grass brings color to winter

Published on Wednesday, 8 January 2014 23:14 - Written by By Dee Bishop In Our Garden

I stood at the edge of the IDEA Garden and searched for color. This clump of acorus grass stood out brightly. Acorus gramineus “Ogon,” better known as Japanese sweet flag (or just acorus grass) is a nice small grass that is attractive all year, but really shines in winter. I love yellow in winter gardens. It reminds me of sunshine, which isn’t always plentiful at that time.

We have had this clump on the north side about half way down to the bench in the shade. Don’t worry about finding it, for it will beckon to you with its beautiful sunny color. Another clump is situated in the yellow section of the rainbow border and you are sure to see it, too. Acorus grass is a nice, well-behaved, clumping plant. Never have we had seedlings and never has it outworn its welcome by trying to overrun other plants.

Growing to about 10 inches tall, acorus grass makes a lovely front-of-the-border plant. It will grow in a good bit of shade or in full sun. It actually looks better in some afternoon shade as its color tends to wash out in the heat of summer’s sun.

This plant will grow in a boggy area as well as in a regular garden setting. It will take drought for a short time, but if you want it to excel, give it plenty of water. It looks lovely near water features, at the side of ponds or at the edge of a wooded area. Just make sure it gets several hours of sun, preferably morning sun. Keep it pretty by cutting it to the ground in late winter, but other than that, it is not demanding.