Small pots of little sedums can stay outside all winter

Published on Wednesday, 25 December 2013 23:54 - Written by By Dee Bishop In Our Garden

I love pots of interesting plants to sit around my yard to provide color and interest in winter. Sedums and other succulent plants are exceptionally good for pots because they require minimal care. There are many varieties of sedums, all of which are very interesting to look upon. They range from the miniscule to large ones like Autumn Joy. I love them all and collect all I come across. You can often find small pots of little sedums and other succulents at home and garden stores. You have to do a little research though. Not all sedums are hardy in winter, but many are. Choose those that are, so you can leave them outside all winter.

Sedums and other succulents need perfect drainage. I add about one part perlite to two parts good potting mix to provide that drainage. Some people add sharp sand, but I have found that sand stays too wet in winter and too dry in summer. Make sure the pot you choose has a good hole or two. Place a used dryer sheet over the hole so the potting mix won’t wash out. Choose a pot that is only one size larger and fairly shallow. Succulents have fairly shallow root systems and may rot in deep containers. If you want to use a deep container, fill it up to one half with packing peanuts over which place a used dryer sheet or a piece of nylon net to keep the peanuts from rising to the surface when you water.

Succulents really do not need a lot of fertilizer. Just give them a little compost or compost tea occasionally. These little plants do very well in our cooler weather; so fall through spring is usually their favorite time to grow. There are some that like heat, but all need a good bit of shade in summer and full sun in winter. Mine are under a deciduous tree where they are very happy.

Succulents, like sedums, look really good in fun little pots. Check out my little hen planter.