Visual majesty continues in winter, if we look for it

Published on Wednesday, 18 December 2013 23:09 - Written by By Dee Bishop In Our Garden

A tree in winter presents a painting unrivaled by any artist.

To see a tree, to really see one — how it grows and what it becomes — can only be seen in winter. Just look at the beautiful branching from trunk to the very fine lacy tips; how magnificent!

If you are contemplating planting a large shade tree for your yard, now is the time to look at all the trees and determine the ones you like best.

Do you love the lacy finery of elms or the rugged gnarled limbs of our abundant post oaks? If you like a tree that keeps its leaves until spring, try a maple or an American hop hornbeam. The tan leaves hang on all winter until new spring leaves push the old ones off.

In winter nature sleeps, but if you but look, you will see the beauty. You will see winter’s “lace” in the silhouettes of trees, you will see bright green moss upon the ground and you will see little birds’ nests within the branches of trees.

All beautiful, all there for us to enjoy if we will only look, but, shhh … nature sleeps.