Plan the 'picture' that your window will frame

Published on Wednesday, 11 December 2013 23:24 - Written by By Dee Bishop In Our Garden

Color is at a premium in a really cold winter unless we plan ahead and introduce various structures into a garden.

This birdhouse gives interest even when the garden looks pretty bleak. The extra cold weather came early this year and our winter color was planted late due to so much heat late into the fall planting season. Our little plants are fighting for their lives. They will probably make it, but will not start to grow until later in the winter season.

We usually have all of November and part of December for them to get a good start. We must remember we are in Texas and anything is possible concerning weather. Good structure, hardscape and interesting little additions placed around a garden give us something to focus on while we are waiting for the spring awakening.

This birdhouse stands in front of our weeping yaupon holly, which is very colorful in winter with its bright red berries; so we have a lovely little vignette to focus upon.

Daffodils have popped up spears of green leaves all around that holly and soon you can see bright yellow or white blossoms. Right now, though, the holly provides bright red color in the dead season and the birdhouse adds interest as it stands in front of the holly. This picture will recede into the background, hardly noticeable, later in spring when there are tons of beautiful spring flowers, but right now it is very important.

In winter we spend lots of time looking out into our gardens from inside where it is warm. Why not have an interesting “picture”’ to look upon? You could plant a large pot with an evergreen plant or some pretty winter vegetables to watch grow. You could perhaps use a large rock, a gate, or an extra pretty tree (Japanese maple, holly, or large birch) to provide interest, beautiful limb and twig structure, berries, or evergreen foliage.