East Texas great place to grow pineapple liles

Published on Wednesday, 17 July 2013 21:34 - Written by By Dee Bishop In Our Garden

Seems that I have written a lot about lilies lately, but summer is the season for lilies and this pineapple lily (Eucomis “sparkling burgundy”) is a beauty. Pineapple lilies have been in Texas for a long time. I saw my first one blooming in an old cemetery in the Dallas area. Sitting there blooming sweetly next to a lovely old marker, it represented the love and thoughtfulness of someone long ago.

Pineapple lilies are easily grown here in East Texas. Dig in lots of compost and plant the bulbs about 5 inches deep. Planted in fall, they will bloom in spring. Give them a place in sun or light shade and they will happily grow into a nice large clump.

Why “pineapple” lily? Look at the little tuft of green leaves on top of the bloom and it does indeed remind one of a pineapple. You will see these lovely old-time lilies growing in the IDEA Garden as well as the Heritage Garden. This one is called sparkling burgundy because the leaves are a beautiful burgundy in spring. Because of our heat, they turn green by the time they bloom, which is unfortunate, but the fate that we in hot climates are dealt.

Would you like to have some? We will have them in our bulb sale in October, the perfect planting time. Come on in to our gardens; they are all beautifully breathtaking right now. Enjoy all the beautiful flowers we have planted just for you!