Paper thin Prosciutto melts in your mouth

Published on Wednesday, 9 April 2014 00:25 - Written by Christine Gardner,

It took me several years to understand and acquire a taste for cured meats, but once I did, my love for prosciutto, and other charcuterie items like Speck, Serrano ham and Italian salami, grew every time I tried them.

Sliced thin, prosciutto is good to eat alone, on a cheese platter, in a sandwich, wrapped around chicken breasts or pork loin, or torn and scattered over a salad.

Its flavor is salty, sweet and light on your tongue. When sliced paper thin it melts in your mouth and is wonderful paired with melons, soft cheeses and tomatoes.

Slices should be eaten within a few days of purchase and cooking prosciutto is not advised. It begins to gray and lose its flavor when exposed to high heat. It does work as a wrapping for chicken or pork as its flavor melts into the meat.

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