Weighing In: Don't wait until it's a Monday

Published on Saturday, 19 July 2014 18:01 - Written by Coshandra Dillard cdillard@tylerpaper.com

There’s a humungous new fitness center in Tyler and since it’s opening in late May, there have been crowds of folks eager to get in and exercise.

At a low price and 24-hour access, Planet Fitness is a no-brainer for the cost-conscious person who needs flexibility — in their budgets and in their bodies.

I can’t help but wonder, though, how long it will take before the eagerness tapers off. We tend to do this with anything new. It’s so easy to do if we’re ambitious, but don’t set small, practical goals in addition to the big ones.

For example, around the time that we set New Year’s resolutions, many people are excited about eating right, and maintaining a consistent schedule to finally get the weight off. We literally take off running or begin restricting calories so much that there is no way we can maintain that without caving in and eating everything found in the cupboards.

Here we are seven months into the year. So, how are you doing with the health and fitness goals that you set in January?

It may be time to reassess or start over. There are many situations that can get in the way during the year. Holidays, inclement weather, long work days, stress, financial struggle and injuries are the common ones.

It’s easy to fall off of the wagon — and these obstacles often discourage us. Don’t worry about the setbacks, but do pick up where you are right now and attack your goals like you did when you first set them.

I believe the best way to stay motivated is to remember why you’re trying to get healthy in the first place. Then imagine your new body, the things you will have energy for or envision yourself off of medication.

You don’t have to wait until Monday or January. A fresh start can happen in August or on a Wednesday.