Fit City Success: Working out together one way to being a happy couple

Published on Saturday, 15 February 2014 20:49 - Written by Dana Hughey

A fancy dinner with roses may have gotten your heart racing this Valentine’s Day, but actually getting your heart rate up — by working out with your sweetheart provides more health benefits than you realize.

Studies reveal that 94 percent of couples stick with their fitness plan when they work out together.

A workout session with your sweetie may not be your typical romantic evening, but you may change your mind when you hear the research. It reveals couples who sweat together, stay together.

Lindsay and Andrew Hanks are still newlyweds, but like many of us they’re busy.

“I work at IN Magazine,” Lindsay Hanks said.

Her husband, Andrew, added, “She’s sales, she is going 90 to nothing.”

“And he is at Trane, so he will work until 7 or 8 sometimes,” Mrs. Hanks said.

“Tons of family stuff, my work is constant. It is very busy,” Hanks said.

So, they found a way to spend more quality time together. The Hanks made a date for Premier CrossFit.

“We felt it was really important because it gave us accountability to each other because it is one of those things we are paying for it, we are newly married and kind of tight budget,” Hanks said. “We decided our health was very important and we didn’t mind spending a little extra on it and at that point we decided, what better way to do it than do it together.”

Hanks is the more athletic one, but he gives his wife the credit for his healthier eating choices. Together, they’re the perfect team.

“He is really encouraging. This is a really cool workout that we can do together. You can make each workout your own” Mrs. Hanks said. “When he finishes a WOD first, he is always like, ‘You can do it. Only 15 more.’”

“She helps me have awareness of what I am eating because, honestly, I don’t pay attention to it at all,” Hanks said. “I don’t notice. I am hungry, so I will run through and grab a burger. She’s not forceful, but more of a ‘Hey, you know, how about you try to eat something a little better’ kind of thing.”

The couple is supporting each other to reach their fitness goals. Lindsay’s whittled off 13 inches from her frame since starting CrossFit in September.

“What I am really proud about is that she is excited about working out,” Hanks said.

For the couple, it’s not about how much weight they’ve lost, or even how much weight they can lift, but what their workouts are giving them in return.

“It has been good for us because we get to spend a lot more time together,” Mrs. Hanks said.

Her husband chimed in, “With this, you get tired together, we go home together.”

You may be curious how often the couple makes a date for CrossFit. It’s a two- to three-night commitment for calorie burning and quality time together.

You may be thinking “I like to run, but my better-half likes to lift weights.” Well that’s OK, too. Researchers say the happiest couples are those who like to exercise together, yet also give each other the space to exercise apart.