Fit City Success: Avoiding an injury while exercising

Published on Saturday, 1 February 2014 18:13 - Written by By Dana Hughey

The last thing any of us wants is an injury from working out, just when we’re getting into a groove.

It’s not always an intense exercise that causes a sports injury. It can happen when you’re least expecting it while you’re out running, or even walking. Here’s the good news: Researchers find strength training can reduce sports injuries by about 68 percent.

Athletic Performance Texas in Longview and Tyler trains student-athletes, professionals and people looking to up their fitness game. The philosophy is preventing injuries through movement assessment and corrective exercise.

“It is a series of about 16 tests that we do to determine whether you have overactive muscles that are causing joints to go out of place, an improper movement pattern,” said Josh Gonzalez, master trainer, Athletic Performance Texas.

That assessment helps Gonzalez and his team of trainers put together the appropriate workout program for their clients.

“Everything I did hurt — walking, running. Everything was grinding on my knee,” said Cole Kendrick, who trains at Athletic Performance Texas with the Longview baseball team. Addressing his painful knee condition was a priority for him.

“We did a lot of stabilization things with Josh. We stabilized my squats. We didn’t just lift. We did band work. From there, we worked on my running form and it made everything so much more smooth, less friction on my knee,” Kendrick said.

It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach to preventing injuries at Athletic Performance Texas.

“What I may do to fix your problems may hurt someone else. That is why the assessment is so important to get the right flexibility and strengthening program,” Gonzalez said.

He said it’s the yin and yang process at work in your body. If one muscle is too strong, there are a series of other muscles that need to balance out that body movement.

It was a home run for Kendrick.

“After coming here, I have gained 3/4 of a second on my 40 (yard dash) time, and lifting has come a lot easier,” he said.

And most importantly, Kendrick’s pain is gone for his senior baseball season.

We don’t all play baseball, but what we do every day can get the body out of balance. That’s why Gonzalez is such a big proponent of a movement assessment before you start a workout program that could end in an overuse injury.