Polite sisters seek family with faith

Published on Saturday, 2 August 2014 21:37 - Written by Gillian Sheridan gsheridan@cbs19.tv

Shyenne and Shelley are sweet and polite sisters who are keeping a positive attitude while in foster care.

“I’ve known the children for four years, and watching them grow up is just amazing. They are turning into some very sweet young ladies,” Lauren Ayers, their CPS caseworker, said.

Shyenne is the big sister.

“I’m 12,” Shyenne said. “I like to draw, go outside and ride my bike.”

Shelley is 10 years old and, like her sister, is very girly.

“I like baby dolls and Barbies,” Shelley said. “My favorite color is pink.”

These sisters would like a family who lives in the country.

“A family that has animals and lives on a farm,” Shyenne said. Shelley added, “That has cats, dogs and horses.”

And they want a family who whose foundation is build on faith.

“They love Jesus and they love going to church,” Ms. Ayers said.

“I want a family that will teach me about Jesus ’cause Jesus is nice to everyone,” Shelley said.

These girls enjoy going to school and have their sites on a bright future. I asked them what they want to be when they grow up.

“A veterinarian,” Shelley said.

“A nurse, because I want to help people,” Shyenne said.

“They love helping each other. They love helping other children. They have big hearts and they just want to be loved and accepted,” Ms. Ayers said.

Shelley and Shyenne are part of a sibling group of six, but because of some behavior problems the children are being split up.

“They understand that it’s not possible for them to all be in the same home, but they do want to make sure they maintain contact,” Ms. Ayers said.

But these sisters do want to make sure they stay together.

“I love my sister,” Shyenne said, and Shelley said, “My sister means a lot to me.”

Their desire to be adopted is great, but their request is pretty simple.

“I want a nice family,” Shelley said. Shyenne added, “Because I want someone who will love me.”

The sisters want an unconditional love that every child deserves.

“They need a very structured family that is going to be very patient with them and who is going to accept them for all of their past and any problems they may have in the future,” Ms. Ayers said.


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