Quiet teenager ready for forever family

Published on Saturday, 26 July 2014 22:19 - Written by Gillian Sheridan gsheridan@cbs19.tv

Basketball is Triston’s favorite sport. He’s hoping to be on a school team again soon. He also likes running, vid-eo games and watching movies.

“Triston is a very energetic and excited young man and he is looking to have an active life and have opportunities to chase his hopes and dreams,” Jerry Johnson, with Child Protective Services, said.

This 14-year-old enjoys school, but three years in foster care has meant a lot of uncertainty for his education.

“Just moving everywhere gets you unfocused, and it’s hard to just sit down and do your work without knowing anybody,” Triston said. “School has been hard, but I just buckle down and do it.”

“The longer a child stays in care, the more they can be traumatized,” Johnson said. “It can become harder the older they get. They don’t form attachments to anyone if they’re in a situation where they have to keep moving around.”

Triston is a well-mannered young man who appears shy and sad at first.

“I have respect. I’m honest. I just need to work on my happiness,” he said with a solemn face.

“I’ve heard that he can really open up once he gets attached and trusts someone,” Johnson said. “He can come alive.”

This teenager strives to do his best and is looking at a future in the military.

“I want to serve for this country,” Triston said.

He needs parents who will be good role models and love him unconditionally.

“Triston is very tenderhearted from my perspective,” Johnson said. “He has a very gentle spirit as well, and my time with him has been a delight.”

“I’m easy to get along with and I just want a family to love,” Triston said. “I would bring love and peacefulness ’cause I am a very quiet person. I’m just mellow, you know.”

He is at an age where he wants to spread his wings and begin to experience what life has to offer.

“So that comes with the territory (of having a teenager) and you couple that with coming from a hard place, which Triston has, and he’s going to need that extra time and attention just to help him get through,” Johnson said.

“I would like to be adopted,” Triston said. “I think it would be better for me, so I can have a family and be safe, and I know I’m going to stay there for the rest of my life. I just want a family that will love me for who I am.”

Triston is eager for a family so he can finally attach to someone, Johnson said.

“He has tremendous potential and he’s a super young man,” he said. “I think he’s going to be a blessing for whatever home he lands in.”


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