2 sisters need love and understanding

Published on Saturday, 19 July 2014 22:10 - Written by Gillian Sheridan gsheridan@cbs19.tv

Kiarah and Lyrica are best friends. These sisters have spent the past four years in foster care.

“They have been separated for a very long time in different foster homes and have just been placed back together,” Kim Rhodes, their Child Protective Ser-vices caseworker, said. “They seem to do better when they are together. That is one of their main wishes is to be adopted together.”

Lyrica added, “It’s important (to stay together) because when we grow up we can’t be with each other as much, so that’s why it’s important to be with each other when we are little,” Lyrica said.

Ten-year-old Kiarah is the big sister.

“I like going outdoors, riding four-wheelers, riding bikes, watching TV and being on the Internet,” she said.

Kiarah will start the sixth grade, and she likes school.

“I make all As and I want to be a scientist,” she said.

Kiarah is working through a lot of disappointments in her young life, Ms. Rhodes said.

“A lot of people have not followed through with what they said they were going to do for her and to be there for her, so she has a difficult time trusting adults,” Ms. Rhodes said.

And she’s very protective of her sibling, “because she’s my little sister,” Kiarah said.

Lyrica is 8 years old. She’s very outgoing and girly, and about to start the third grade.

“I love school,” she said. “I like to draw, color, write, draw pictures for my caseworkers, write them letters and color them pictures. I like every color except black and gray.”

Despite lots of uncertainty in her life, she remains positive.

“She’s got a lot of knowledge about what she’s been through and talks about still having hope,” Ms. Rhodes said.

Both girls have made a lot of progress in foster care and find joy in singing.

“A car ride with them is a really fun experience because they keep it going with all the music,” Ms. Rhodes said.

And they enjoy being in the church choir for more reasons than just the music.

“It teaches us to worship God and not any other idols,” Kiarah said.

Lyrica added, “I learn about God and how important he is and how he really gives us things like a bright future.”

These are two young girls with the hope of a bright future and a prayer for a forever family.

“I think they are excited about having their own family where they won’t have to leave, because they’ve had to move so many times,” Ms. Rhodes said.

Lyrica said she wants “a family who will love me and care about me and take care of me,” and Kiarah said she wants “a family who cares and listens to what we say and understands us.”

They need a family who can shower them with all the attention, acceptance and love they deserve and need.


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