Kickstarter helping to bring in indie films

Published on Saturday, 21 June 2014 21:55 - Written by Danny Mogle

The Old Firehouse in Edom is holding a campaign on Kickstarter (people can donate online) in hopes of raising enough money to cover the expenses of showing independent films.

The Firehouse, which is better known for hosting acoustic music concerts, launched its independent film series last year.

“The idea (behind it) is to bring independent art house films to the East Texas area in a small, intimate setting and fill a need for this type of entertainment, which cannot currently be obtained without traveling to Dallas or beyond,” owner Jeff Gottesman said.

A few years ago, Gottesman and his wife, Judy, converted Edom’s old volunteer fire department building near downtown into a performance venue.

During the inaugural film series, each screening attracted between nine and 29 patrons “so there is definitely a group of people in the area who are interested in this type of films,” he said on the video on the Kickstarter page.

Gottesman also has been able to arrange question-and-answer sessions (sometimes via Skype) following the screenings.

“Our audience loves it,” Gottesman said of the opportunity for the film-loving patrons to talk to the filmmakers.

The first year the film series broke even, thanks to funding from underwriters.

This year, he hopes to raise enough money upfront to cover the screening fees (which Gottesman says range from $100 to $200) and insurance for an eight-movie season.

The campaign is encouraging people to sign up as season supporters for $56. Gottesman said if 25 people purchase a season pass, the money raised would largely cover expenses.

The Kickstarter campaign runs through June 29.

To find out more about the The Old Firehouse in Edom and the Kickstarter campaign, go to s or call 903-852-2781.