Loving boy, 10, needs a dedicated forever family

Published on Saturday, 7 June 2014 22:54 - Written by Gillian Sheridan gsheridan@cbs19.tv

Savion is a delight to be around and brings a smile to everyone he meets.

“He’s a fantastic little child. Not a mean streak in him,” Ben Patty, his foster dad, said.

Ben and his wife have been Savion’s foster parents for several years.

“He’ll come climb up in your lap and he loves to watch cartoons on TV,” Patty said.

Savion is nonverbal, but can communicate his needs in other ways and enjoys being active.

“He absolutely loves to go outside,” Patty said.

Although he is in a wheelchair most of the time, he had corrective surgery on his ankles last year and can now be very mobile.

“He can climb in his bed. If you hold his hands he can walk backwards and he will walk all over the house with you,” Patty said. “He also can crawl anywhere he wants to go. As far as his general health is concerned, other than what he was born with, he’s as healthy as any kid in the state of Texas.”

This 10-year-old has made a lot of progress in foster care and is eager to learn new things.

“He absolutely loves his school books,” Patty said. “He gets so excited when he hears the school bus pulling up in our yard, but then in the afternoon when it pulls up he’s so excited because he’s back home.”

He’s a special boy who wants a family to call his own. “He deserves nothing but the best,” Patty said.

Savion has so much potential, but needs parents committed to helping unlock his special talents inside.

“Whoever adopts him, it’s going to have to be all out,” Patty said.

And while there will be some challenges, there will be much love.

“He’s a loving little child,” Patty said. “I love him dearly. My wife loves him dearly. Everybody who knows him does.”


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