Brothers seek guidance in forever family

Published on Saturday, 19 October 2013 22:03 - Written by By Gillian Sheridan

With a love for super heroes, these brothers are ready for Halloween. When we met them they were both wearing Batman t-shirts, complete with a gray cape on their back.

“These are bats,” said 5-year-old Chris pointing to the Batman logo on the front of his T-shirt.

“They are very sweet, very polite and very rambunctious little boys,” Katy Chadwell, their Child Protective Services caseworker, said.

Chris and his 4-year-old brother, Domonic, or Nic as he likes to be called, are energetic and enjoy playing together.

“They like to roughhouse, play outside, get dirty, get grass stains and play with cars and trucks,” Chadwell said.

These adorable boys with bright blue eyes and blond hair are kindhearted. They need a family who will keep them busy.

“One that will put them in sports, T-ball, perhaps karate and tae kwon do,” Chadwell said. “They are little boys and they want to do as many activities as possible. “We need to find a home that will love them for all their flaws and good character.”

Because of some issues in their pasts, Chris and Nic attend therapy twice a month.

“It’s going very well,” Chadwell said. “We are seeing improvement in their behaviors and some of the aggression they are showing toward each other.”

They would do best as the only or youngest children in a family.

“These two are going to need a very structured home with a lot of patience and a lot of guidance,” Chadwell said. “A strong male figure in the home is a very good plus.”

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