Foster child wants loving forever family

Published on Saturday, 14 September 2013 20:38 - Written by By Gillian Sheridan

Frankie is a happy child, most of the time.

“At first he’s quiet, but once he gets to know you he opens up and is a real talkative child who is funny with a sweet personality,” Ashley Gipson with Child Protective Services said.

This 9-year-old enjoys drawing, painting, sports, the outdoors, Legos and pizza.

“Cheese and pepperoni are my favorites,” Frankie said.

He is excelling in the third grade.

“I like art and I like to do math and science,” he said.

Gipson said Frankie is doing well in school. He is an A and B student and has no major behavior problems in school.

Frankie has been in foster care since 2011.

“A long time,” he said sadly, looking down.

“This is his sixth placement, so he’s ready to finally be adopted,” Gipson explained.

If he gets the chance to have his own bedroom someday, he knows how he wants to decorate.

“Blue and white, ’cause they are my favorite colors!” Frankie said.

Frankie was removed from his home because of drug use by the adults living there.

“He’s overcoming a lot of anger issues and trauma from what he experienced,” Gipson said. “So the home that’s going to be best for him is a two-parent home, with a strong father figure and perhaps being the youngest child.”

Frankie has desires just like any other child.

“I want a family of my own, a real family,” he said.

A real family to make him feel loved and special — something he’s never had.

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