Positive teenager would like family that has children

Published on Saturday, 24 August 2013 20:10 - Written by By Gillian Sheridan gsheridan@cbs19.tv

Selena is a kind 15-year-old who wants a better life.

“She’s just a sweet, well-rounded girl,” said April Pride, her CPS caseworker. “She takes a minute to warm-up to you but once she does, she’s very talkative and outgoing.”

She enjoys the outdoors, drawing, animals and is a typical tee­nager. “I like to go to the malls, swimming and hanging out with friends.”

She likes sch­ool and is in the 10th-grade. “I’m good at math.”

“She just made the A/B honor roll last year,” Ms. Pride said.

Selena is also involved in school activities. “Last year I was in basketball for half a season, then manager for half a season and this year I made the trainer.” It’s given her aspirations to become an athletic trainer when she grows up.

This young lady is working hard to overcome her past to excel in the future.

“My real parents didn’t support me. It affected me by not having a family to come to my basketball games and stuff,” she said.

“She’s very open with how she feels and aware of what’s going on,” exp­lained Pride.

Despite years in foster care, she’s hopeful about finding a forever family. “Very positive about it. She’ll tell you exactly what she’s looking for.”

Selena said, “I want a mom and a dad and an older sibling and a younger sibling.”

A family who will be there for her, helping to plan the next phase of her life.

“She’s just a great kid.”

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