Lives can change for the better with LCOT

Published on Saturday, 17 August 2013 21:17 - Written by By Danny Mogle

Literacy Council of Tyler’s recent Corporate Spelling Bee provided the opportunity to shine a spotlight on the valuable work of this organization.

If you don’t believe that LCOT is changing lives for the better, keep reading. The following is taken from its website.

Jason dropped out of high school and came to Literacy Coun-cil of Tyler to obtain his GED. But the plan failed, and Jason quit the program, saying he felt it was more important to go out and work.

The years passed and “life happened.” Jason got married and had three children – now ages 12, 11 and 9. It was his love for his children and desire for their success that made him re-evaluate his own goals.

“One of my goals for my children is for them to get an education,” says Jason. “It seemed like if it was important for them, it was a good step for me to get an education as well.”

Jason believes that you can’t motivate someone else to do something that you don’t do it yourself.

He headed back to LCOT with a new outlook. The timing was perfect. “I got into the hands of some really caring people and it seemed like the rest is history in the making.”

Jason enrolled in the Innovative Grant program, and received his GED and Medical Administrative Assistant Certi-ficate concurrently. He now is in the Bookkeeping and Business Management Program at Tyler Junior College working on his associate degree.

“Going back to school has given me a new lease on life,” says Jason. “At one point it seemed like I was going from one dead end job to another dead end job.

“I had this grandiose idea when I was younger that I’d have my own business and that would be supporting me for the rest of my life. And that did work for me for a while. The more I grew into that the more I realized that an education was mandatory because the world never stays the same.

“It constantly evolves, and I felt like I needed to evolve with those times to be successful.”

When asked what has surprised Jason about his new academic success, he says that not much has surprised him.

“This success is actually going along with the picture that’s in my mind. I visualized this and what surprised me more than anything is that it seemed like it was effortless because I believe when you really set your mind to do something, you can accomplish anything.”