Palestine's 1330 Cycle Shop brings motorcycles to life

Published on Sunday, 8 October 2017 16:34 - Written by ROY MAYNARD,

That’s not noise at the 1330 Cycle Shop in Palestine - it’s the music of the motors, the panoply of the pipes.

Now open, the 1330 Cycle Shop is the dream venture of William “Billy” Bell and Robert “Lucky” Nichols.

Nichols is the older of the two; his love of motorcycles started when he rode his first at the age of 14. At 18, he got his first racing bike - which he tuned and maintained himself - and he went to work in a motorcycle shop at 19. When he was 21, he was a partner in a Suzuki shop.

“I raced professional flat track from 1972-75, earning a top 100 number in the junior ranks before hanging up my steel shoes and starting Lucky Cycle Shop Racing in 1976 in Dallas at the age of 25,” Nichols said.

LCS Racing gained a reputation for quality in the industry, winning accolades in motorcycle, go-cart, Odyssey, mini sprint car and boat racing in the U.S. and Europe.

In 2004, Nichols closed his retail operation and joined Holigan Walters Racing, a professional motocross team, as its team manager. He was soon appearing on a reality television show, “The Reality of Speed,” on the SpikeTV and Speed channels for three seasons.

In 2007, Nichols reopened LCS Racing, this time in Garland. And he worked with Jeremy Wilkey of MX-Tech Suspension to develop a new line of products, called the Lucky System.

Now, he’s made his way to the rolling hills and piney woods of East Texas with Bell, his friend and former employee.

Bell’s love of all things loud and fast began at age 9, when he was riding three-wheelers and dirt bikes. At 18, he became the youngest fully certified Honda technician in the country. He was a mechanic for some of the top motocross racers on the circuit, and lived for a while in San Diego.

“I wanted to get back to my roots, so I returned to Texas three years later to mechanic for riders and was asked to join Holigan Walters Racing as team mechanic and motor builder for the ‘Reality of Speed’ TV show,” Bell said.

He was awarded AMA Supercross Mechanic of the Race in 2006 and he continues to maintain his certifications with numerous manufacturers.

“The opening of 1330 Cycle Shop is a dream come true,” said Bell. “I just wish my grandfather was here to see the Harleys roll in. It is a gift to work with my long-time

friend and well-respected colleague, Lucky Nichols, who also has motorcycle oil running through his veins.”

The 1330 Cycle Shop is now open at 1330 Texas Highway 155 in Palestine. The shop specializes in service, repair and high-performance custom work for all Harley-Davidson motorcycles, as well as metrics and off-road cycles.

The shop is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.