Carter BloodCare focus of radio broadcast

Published on Sunday, 3 August 2014 23:34 - Written by Staff Reports

Bob Mauldin, manager of regional relations for Carter BloodCare, will be interviewed on this week’s Tyler Chamber Radio show.

Hospitals stock some of the more common blood components used in emergencies, but often, blood products are not ordered until they are needed. They are kept at Carter BloodCare’s distribution department until a hospital orders them.

Whole blood, kept cool in refrigerators, can be transfused for 21 days after the donation. Red cells can be used for 42 days after they are donated. They are used in the treatment of accident victims, to replace blood lost during surgery, to treat burn victims and to increase the blood's oxygen-carrying capacity. They also are used in treatment of anemia that can't be medically corrected.

“There are so many ways you can make sure the blood supply in North, Central and East Texas stays strong,” Mauldin said. “Get involved in a way that fits your time, talents and interests.” The first step is to join My Page. When you donate at a blood drive or blood donation center, your blood undergoes routine testing. Blood type, cholesterol, and blood pressure are just some of the wellness information available to donors. Carter BloodCare, at 815 S Baxter, can be reached at 903-535-5400 or .

Businesses on the 30-minute show include Dr. James Gardner, owner of Spine & Sport Family Chiropractic; Jeffrey Roberts, general manager of Lantana Communications; and John Jett, co-owner of NutriShop.

Tyler Area Chamber of Commerce Chief Operating Officer Henry Bell also will be on the show, found at