Made In East Texas: Popcorn Junction in Tyler

Published on Sunday, 13 July 2014 22:31 - Written by

MAKER: Popcorn Junction in Tyler

PRODUCTS: Popcorn Junction offers more than 50 flavors of popcorn, from the traditional caramel and cheddar flavors to dill pickle and key lime. Other popcorns available include the patriotic Freedom Mix of strawberry, vanilla and blueberry; birthday and wedding cake flavors; watermelon, red hot cinnamon, buffalo ranch and cinnamon toast.

BACKGROUND: Popcorn Junction began in 2008 when Beth Wright had a vision for her own popcorn shop in Tyler. Tyler and Tiffany Braxton and Stephen Mitchell purchased it from Mrs. Wright on April 2, 2013. They took the firm foundation of Popcorn Junction and set out to make it even better with even higher quality popcorn and flavor, new flavors, and an even higher level of service, according to Popcorn Junction also sells its popcorn all across the country on its online store. Customers can select bags, boxes and canisters filled with popcorn of all flavors.

CONTACT: At 4744 S. Broadway Ave., Popcorn Junction can be reached at 903-534-1188 or

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