Made In East Texas: Cobb Cycling in Tyler

Published on Monday, 30 June 2014 00:02 - Written by

MAKER: Cobb Cycling in Tyler


BACKGROUND: The cycling sport John Cobb got into for fun more than 40 years ago has turned into a business with customers worldwide. After opening a simple bike shop in Shreveport, Louisiana, and tinkering with bikes in his garage more than 30 years ago, his business has evolved into manufacturing a line of bicycle seats and other gear. Cobb also helps fit cyclists to their bikes for faster, smoother rides.

Cobb Cycling opened in Tyler in 2008 and produces more than 15,000 saddles, or bike seats, a year. Cobb’s clients have included world champion triathletes, the women’s U.S. track team for cycling and Lance Armstrong.


PRODUCTS: It takes Cobb about six months to get a new seat from prototype to production. Cobb, who earned an art degree from Texas State Technical Institute in Waco, pretty much designs everything himself, he said during a 2012 interview.

Although his core business remains designing bicycle seats, he has designed clothing, including men's bike shorts that work with the seats he designs. He also has done helmets, gloves and various bike parts. Cobb’s merchandise can be found in Elite Bicycles and Simpson’s Fitness and Adventure Sports, as well as other vendors across the country and online.


CONTACT: Cobb Cycling, at 2011 Patridge Drive, can be reached at 903-253-8555 or .